Hair Transplants

When it comes to cosmetic surgery often over looked is Hair Transplants. Most people think of tummy tucks, face lifts or breast surgery however one of the largest growing cosmetic surgery procedures for both men and women is hair transplants.



Hair Transplants – why is it so popular


There are many reasons hair transplants are very popular however we feel the main reason is the costs and the fact that many clinics offer payment plans. See below a selection of hair transplant clinics that we would recommend for hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant Liverpool

Hair Transplants Belfast

Hair transplant clinic Birmingham

Hair transplant surgery Newcastle

hair transplants surgeon

There are many other reputable hair transplant surgery clinics in the UK we would advice before taking on any hair transplant procedures that you really do your homework on both the surgery and the hair transplants surgeon nthat will carry out the hair loss procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery Payment Plans

Are you looking at Cosmetic Surgery costs? Wondering if you can get plastic surgery procedures with cosmetic surgery payment plans? There are many ways to pay for your cosmetic surgery including pension claims. We have researched many different ways to pay for cosmetic surgery and pensions seem to be one of the very best as the pension fund can be made tax free.


If you do not have a pension look out for companies who offer cosmetic surgery payment plans such as no surgical procedures from;


Lip fillers Edinburgh  Lip fillers Manchester


We have also researched hair transplant clinics offering cosmetic surgery payment plane like

Hair Transplant Manchester    Hair Transplant Cardiff   Hair transplant Newcastle  Hair Transplant Birmingham


Hair transplant Belfast     Hair transplant Liverpool


Get the help in cosmetic surgery costs today!

Plastic Surgery Surgeons

Choosing the right Plastic surgery company is essential when anyone is thinking about cosmetic surgery. Be sure to check out the actual Plastic Surgeon that is going to carry out your procedure.


Some surgeons with a great reputation in the UK include;

Richard Clark FMB ChB MRCS

David McGill MD, MBChB, MedSci, FRCS

Mr Vivek Sivarajan Mb ChB MRCS MD FRCS

Tamim (Tam) Siddiqui MBChB FRCS

Mr Iain Mackay MB ChB FRCS

There are many more cosmetic surgeons we would recommend so watch this space – for anyone who has had a bad experience with any plastic surgery here or abroad we would recommend clicking HERE for Legal Advice.

We are also looking at Hair Transplant surgery. The UK is full of Hair Transplant Clinics however centrally located in the UK is a Hair Transplant Clinic in Manchester who take clients from all over the UK and Beyond. Check them out today.

Choosing the Right Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Choosing the Right Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Are you looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Sydney? If you want to improve your nose appearance with surgery, Rhinoplasty Surgeon Finder can give you an invaluable guide on how to find a talented and credible specialist for the job.

Once a doctor takes the knife and “cuts” you, it becomes impossible to be “uncut,” that’s why getting your rhinoplasty procedure done right the first time becomes extremely critical. This can only be achieved by choosing the right specialist. Since nose surgery ranks as one of the most complicated procedures among all cosmetic surgeries, at a bare minimum, you should search for a doctor with:-

  • A history of consistently successful results
  • Considerable nose surgery experience
  • Genuine rhinoplasty expertise.

A good specialist should also be a compassionate caregiver, a patient listener, and an effective communicator. Although many doctors meet these criteria, there are many others out there who fall short, so conscientious and careful research is a must. And since nose surgery is a non-emergent, elective procedure, there’s no reason as to why you should fail to investigate the credentials and qualifications of your doctor.

Choosing the Right Rhinoplasty Surgeon

What Should You Look For In A Sydney Rhinoplasty Specialist?

A Clean Medical License

To perform rhinoplasty, a clean medical license is a mandatory requirement in all Australian states or territories. An active medical license ensures that the medical board has verified the minimum academic training for the license holder. The medical licensing board can also be a reliable source of information concerning disciplinary actions taken against a surgeon for medical malpractice, non-compliance, or other reportable infractions.

Certification by Relevant Bodies

Doctors certified in rhinoplasty by the Royal College of Surgeons and specialists certified by the ASPS are professionals who possess the requisite training and vast experience to undertake all kinds of cosmetic procedures. The skills and qualifications will provide you with the broadest range of choices for both nonsurgical and surgical techniques. This will thus ensure that you’ll be in the most qualified and safest hands in case of an emergency.

Malpractice History

Malpractice history is another frequently used screening tool. Apparently, you can’t entrust your face to a doctor who has a history of willful negligence resulting in disastrous rhinoplasty results. Although malpractice claims are sometimes frivolous, and lack merit, many malpractice judgments against an individual doctor are a good cause for suspicion and should be considered during the process of making a decision.

Rhinoplasty Cost and Payment Plans

Rhinoplasty cost and payment plans differ from one surgeon to another. Some doctors offer payments plans that can assist you to get the outcomes you want without great financial stress. If you don’t want to break your bank, you can look for reputable specialists who have made rhinoplasty cost appear much lower and affordable by offering flexible payment plans, which start from as little as $50 per week.

Speciality Niche

Certain cosmetic surgeons are more skilled and gifted with particular procedures. And from these surgeons, some are more talented and competent in working with specific types of nose deformities over other forms. As a result, rhinoplasty surgeons who specialise in a particular surgical niche end up having a greater interest and exceptional skill in that sub-specialty.

Review Of “Before and After Photographs”

Lastly, one of the most efficient ways of determining the ability and the skills of a rhinoplasty surgeon is a review of his before and after photos of his surgical portfolio. The most reputable doctors will be proud to show off the results of their work in standardised photographic views. Reviewing photographs of former clients with deformities similar to yours is a more efficient way of determining whether the doctor possesses the ability to solve your problem.